COVID-19 Safety Standards
  • Our staff are required to practice social distancing while employed with Underbelly Hospitality concepts.
  • All staff will have their temperature checked upon arriving to work and are required to stay home and seek treatment if they feel ill.
  • Handwashing is required every 30 minutes for all staff members, or more frequently when possible.
  • Gloves, which will be discarded and changed after every interaction, and masks are required to be worn by all staff.
  • Single-use hand sanitizer is provided to every table and throughout every concept. 
  • All shared surfaces are sanitized every 30 minutes, or more frequently when possible.
  • Tables are set at a minimum of 6 feet apart.
  • A bathroom attendant will ensure that only one person uses the bathroom at a time and sanitizes all surfaces after every use. 
  • Physical menus have been replaced with scannable QR codes for viewing on your phone to reduce points of contact.
  • Silverware and napkins will be brought to the table in a heat-sealed single-use bag.

Coming soon: 4’ wide x 50” tall glass dividers will be placed throughout the dining room at each restaurant to block airflow between parties.